The Most Haunted Homes In The World

The Most Haunted Homes In The World

If you are thinking about purchasing a new home, you might want to check this list first. Various homes around the world have an extensive history, sometimes even with their own resident spirit or reported hauntings. Of course, some homes around the world are known to be haunted homes, but which are the most haunted ones?

haunted homes
Photographer: Stefan Ringler | Source: Unsplash

Myrtles Plantation (United States)

Myrtles Plantation is undoubtedly one of the scariest haunted homes in the world. It achieved the dubious title of 'one of America's most haunted homes' and it is claimed that the home was built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

The rumor that the home is built on an Indian burial ground might not be the sole reason for the haunting. Local legend also states that ten murders took place in the house. Reported sightings include the ghost of a slave wearing a green turban, Sarah Woodruff and her children – who were former residents of the home – and William Winter who was allegedly shot on the front porch of the house.

The Ancient Ram Inn (United Kingdom)

We decided to include the Ancient Ram Inn in this overview because it still functions as a restaurant and hotel. Built in the 1100s, this house has quite the history. Guests have reported hearing screams in the middle of the night and furniture moving on its own. It is even claimed that the house was built on a Pagan burial ground, where children were sacrificed. There have also been reports by guests claiming they were pushed on the bed by a male demon.

The Monte Cristo Homestead (Australia)

The Monte Cristo Homestead may look picturesque from the outside, but there have been some strange and terrifying reports over the years. The Monte Cristo Homestead was the site where a baby was thrown down the stairs by something supernatural. Another boy got burned to death and a pregnant woman was pushed over the balcony by something. It is believed that this home is haunted by the former owners of the house, Christopher and Elizabeth Crawley.

Château de Brissac (France)

While a castle is a home that most of us could not afford, those who can may encounter this French castle situated in Maine-et-Loire. Nicknamed the 'Giant of the Loire Valley', this castle has its own private opera house and can seat a whopping 200 people. It was built by the Count of Anjou in the 11th century and has ties to King Louis XXIII.

The castle is no longer a home, but is currently functioning as a hotel. Reported ghosts are the Green Lady, which is claimed to be the bastard child of King Charles VII. She was murdered by her husband in the 15th century.

Casa Loma (Canada)

Casa Loma in Canada is not as old as some of the other haunted locations mentioned here, as it was only built in 1914. Nonetheless, the estate home is packed with secret passages throughout, which certainly adds more mystery to the stately home.

For years, there have been reports of hauntings at Casa Loma. One of the reported hauntings is that of the White Lady, who is believed to be one of the maids that worked at the home shortly after its construction. It is believed the maid lost her life alongside 60,000 other people in Toronto during the influenza crisis.

Another reported ghost in Casa Loma is believed to be that of Sir Henry Pellatt, the man who ordered the home to be built. It is believed his wife Mary also haunts the home.

Kehoe House (United States)

Built in 1892 for William and Anne Kehoe and their large family consisting of ten children, Kehoe House has quite a sad history. Shortly after starting to live in the house, several of the Kehoe children died.

Since 1992, Kehoe House has been transformed into a popular bed and breakfast. The bed and breakfast is certainly popular among ghost hunters, as several guests have reported hearing the sounds of children playing throughout the night, even though nobody was there.

The Winchester House (United States)

Many books have been written – as well as countless movies produced – about the Winchester House, its history, its unusual previous owners, and of course its ghosts. The stately Victorian home was built on behalf of Sarah Winchester shortly after the death of her husband, the rifle tycoon William Wirt Winchester.

Sarah believed that she was being haunted by spirits who were killed by the rifles her husband made and sold. To avoid the spirits, Sarah built a home that was filled with 47 staircases, 160 rooms, 10,000 window panes, and architectural marvels you would not find in any other home. Staircases reaching to the ceiling, but nowhere else, and even windows that lead to secret passages are a common occurence inside this home. Interestingly, the house was constantly changed and being worked on for 38 years. Construction only stopped when Sarah died of heart failure in 1922.

Reports of hauntings have been rampant for years. Visitors have claimed to have seen the wheelbarrow ghost, who is believed to be someone who worked at the house. Some also believe the home is haunted by Sarah Winchester herself.

Raynham Hall (United Kingdom)

Haunted Homes

England has plenty of old homes with a lengthy history and one of them is Raynham Hall. It was built in 1637 and is currently a tourist attraction, as it is believe the home is being haunted by the so-called "Brown Lady of Raynham Hall". The Brown Lady is believed to be Lady Dorothy Walpole, the former owner of the home. A photographer from Country Life Magazine managed to capture her spirit on camera, which was later published in the 1936 edition of the magazine.

The Amityville House (United States)

The Amityville House is probably the home with the bloodiest history in this overview. In November 1974, Ronald Defeo Jr. shot six family members inside this house. He would later claim that an evil spirit caused him to commit the murders.

The weird history of the Amityville House did not stop with the murders committed by Ronald Defeo Jr. The year following the murders, the home was purchased by the Lutz family. As soon as they moved into the home, the Lutz family experienced severe paranormal activity. They found a hidden red room and doors slamming on their own.

Shortly after their arrival, the family requested that a priest bless the house in order to expel the spirits. The priest in question would later state that mysterious voices told him to get out of the house.

The Lutz family had to move out of the house after only 26 days. Books and movies have been made about the events. Due to all the media attention, the Lutz family later recanted their story. However, one of the sons would later state that the stories were all true, but that the media attention caused them to recant. He also admitted he still had nightmares from his time at the house.

Haunted Homes List?

We want to keep adding to this list and we are sure there are many of you readers who have experiences of other very haunted homes in the world. Let us know and we can add to this list and even begin to go a bit deeper.

The Most Prominent UFO Sightings In Human History

The Most Prominent UFO Sightings In Human History

UFO's have always spoken to the imagination of the human race. After all, is it possible that a sentient race with technology above our own is regularly paying us a visit?

Over the years, there have been reports of UFO sightings across the world. Some have been more famous than others though. If you are curious about the most prominent UFO sightings in human history, be sure to check out our top picks below.

ufo sightings

The New Jersey Turnpike Lights In 2001

One of the most memorable UFO sightings is the one with the lights above the New Jersey Turnpike. On July 14, 2001, countless orange and yellow lights were seen in a V formation above the Arthur Kill Waterway. Among the witnesses, a lieutenant from the local New Jersey police department.

The USS Nimitz

ufo sightings

The USS Princeton, one of the carriers belonging to the USS Nimitz strike group, claimed to have noticed an unknown aircraft 100 miles from the coast of San Diego. Interestingly, the military team followed the object at approximately 80,000 feet, after which it seemed to remain stationary above the Pacific Ocean.

Two fighter jets were sent to investigate the area, but all they found was a churning vortex of water with an oval shape underneath the water surface. The unidentified object would re-appear above the water, but would accelerate so fast the fighter jets lost track of it. Then, it turned back up on the radar a whopping 60 miles away; this would mean that the object would have travelled more than three times at the speed of sound and at double the speed of the investigating fighter jets!

The Incident At O'Hare International Airport

Another famous UFO sighting was the incident at the O'Hare International Airport. On the day of the incident, an airplane called flight 446 was getting ready for its flight from North Carolina to Chicago. However, one of the employees noticed a "metallic object" above gate C17. Several other witnesses would spot the saucer-like object.

According to witnesses, the saucer remained hovering in place for about five minutes. Then, it shot up so fast it would break a hole in the clouds. Officials at the FAA called blamed the incident on the weather, mainly because the object was not seen on the radar. However, the witnesses who saw the incident claimed otherwise.

The UFO's In Stephenville

Texas has always been one of the hotbeds for UFO sightings. However, one of the most famous cases is undoubtedly the one at Stephenville.

Stephenville is a small town in Texas, known for its dairy production. In January 2008, a strange object was seen in the sky. First, there was a report of strange white lights above highway 67, which seemed to be changing pattern erratically. According to a local pilot, the lights were a full mile long and a whopping half a mile wide. He estimated they were travelling at 3,000 miles an hour.

There were many things that stood out about the UFO sightings in Stephenville, but the most prominent thing is that the technology to explain such sighting simply did not exist. Whether you want to believe this was a top-secret experiment or a UFO sighting, it is certainly one of the strangest phenomenon in history.

The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program Incident

As the name suggests, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was created to identify any threats to the United States coming from the air. In 2015, a video was released from this program, which showed an encounter between a US aircraft and an unidentified flying object.

Until this day, no explanation for the encounter has been revealed. The Super Hornet tracked the object at approximately 25,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, after which it promptly disappeared.

The Disappearance Of Frederick Valentich

An Australian pilot called Frederick Valentich reported a strange aircraft following him while he was flying over Bass Strait. During his report to Melbourne Air Traffic Control, he also reported that his aircraft was behaving strangely. He also claimed the object was hovering and not flying.

Frederick Valentich would lose contact with Melbourne Air Traffic Control and disappeared without a trace. The Australian government claimed that either Valentich staged his own disappearance or got disorientated and crashed into the sea. However, no wreckage of the plane was ever found.

The Belgian UFO Craze

Between 1989 and 1990, there were loads of UFO reports in Belgium. The unknown object reports would reach their peak in march of 1990. Photographic proof of the sightings exist, as two Belgian aircrafts took photos while tracking the object.

The unidentified objects were not just witnessed by aircraft pilots, as more than 13,500 people reported sightings, with a whopping 2600 official reports and written statements.

Even though the UFO sightings were reported across Belgium between 1989 and 1990, the majority of the sightings were detected in Brussels. While the government has attempted to explain the incidents as helicopters or simply a feat of nature, the sightings have never really been explained.

The Pearl Harbour UFO Aftermath

Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbour by Japan, a UFO sighting was reported in Los Angeles. Considering the situation with Japan, the coast guard defense assumed another Japanese attack was taking place.

ufo sightings

Various witnesses reported a hovering object over the Los Angeles coast. At 3 am in the morning, the army opened fire and the entire city was put in a blackout. The blackout was only lifted shortly after 7 am in the morning.

Despite the public nature of the event, the unidentified object has never been explained. Given the times, little attention was paid to the occurence until years later. At the time, the media put it down to "war nerves".

Roswell UFO Sightings

Antony Gormley did an extraordinary job in creating these sculptures in Lake Ballard Western Australia. Visions of aliens in an alien landscape came to mind.
Photographer: Brian McMahon | Source: Unsplash

One of the most famous incidents in history is that of Roswell. There has been much debate and controversy surrounding the incident, but here is the core of what happened.

In 1947, a unidentified flying object was found 75 miles from the town Roswell in New Mexico. The object was initially reported as a flying disk and would later be explained away as a highly classified project from the US Army Air Force. Still, despite the official statement years later, man still believe an actual alien was recovered from the wreckage and is still kept secret by the government.

The Paranormal And Me

The Paranormal And Me

Photographer: Steinar Engeland | Source: Unsplash

It all started when I was about six years old.

I certainly don't remember thinking about death and what happens next in life, but my earliest memory of being a little strange came when I was sat on the stairs at our house in Southbourne, Bournemouth.

I asked my mother who was pottering around in the kitchen

''can't you even pick up a biscuit when you die?''

This made me realize, much later in life, that I questioned the afterlife and wanted answers to all these strange thoughts; mum and dad never really willing to discuss such subjects.

There was some some respite of these thoughts until the family, large and growing bigger moved to Spain as my dad had gone into a joint business there. Whilst we were there my sister and I found our way to a small park that was simply blank, we thought it was like a ghost town. I was eight at this point, my sister a year younger. My sister saw a man lying flat on a bench with his entire body covered in moisture; we think it was probably sweat as it was just another day of intense heat.I didn't feel comfortable so after a couple of rides on the swing we carried on walking into further adventures. After wondering around further we decided to return to our local park that played the chart music daily, yet on the way there a feeling of dread sped through my entire being causing me to almost lose my balance. I can't remember much else of the physical sensations but I just didn't feel the way I normally do.

Here is the childhood photo series. All the places that stunned me when I was a kid.
Photographer: Mehdi-Thomas BOUTDARINE | Source: Unsplash

While we were enjoying ourselves in the park singing to the music we noticed two black men just staring at us. There were no other children there but many adults and families were on the outside of the park drinking and eating, having a joyous time. When an English lady in her fifties came up to us and told us that the men were dangerous and we shouldn't approach them.

When we returned home to our flat our older brother who had been out walking came back in a distressed state. He had become withdrawn after an hour or two.

My day out was becoming strange to me, my thoughts and feelings were twisted, changed, and I was feeling sad but with no real logic attached to these emotions. It was years later when my brother told my mother that he had been assaulted, an event that changed his life and mine.

Paranormal and The Watchers

We stayed in Spain for a year but we came back to England as the business fell through. We had no choice but to move to an area just outside Bournemouth. Further events surfaced in our new house, a mixture of the paranormal and ill health afflicting not just my brother but myself also.

The unknown had visited me again when I was about thirteen. I was asleep at some point but vividly recall the feel of violent hands tightening across my throat, and I can go back to the point of remembering myself coughing and waking trying to reach my neck with my own hands.


Was I having a nightmare? I don't know, even now, but when I think back to further paranormal occurrences in the house it's possible to believe it to be an evil spirit. My very sensible sister who would of been ten at the time told me a man in a hood, not fully visible was wavering at the end of her bed making her wake suddenly in the night. Another brother of mine mentioned the same figure some years later. I had not seen this figure as we all got older and moved out nothing more was said.

evil figures

I moved here in Wimborne, Dorset, England in 1997 with my twin daughters. I picked out many books in our local library about the history of Dorset, and books about the supernatural. I came across a book about haunted Dorset. To my surprise there was a paragraph featuring an article on a care home which was a ''stone throw'' away from my bedroom window, our back garden led to this home. I found out that the grounds to which the care home was built was once a monastery; we had attended a fete there a few years after the events in our home. You can see the uneven ground as you enter the garden even now. The name of the care home has changed now, yet at the time none of us realized there was a monastery right behind our garden fence.

It just could be possible that the monks seen by my siblings were actually really there, and the evil that approached me that night may of also come from the remaining energies that may still reside there.

This story is a genuine account of just a handful of some of the paranormal incidents that I have encountered throughout my life, with more to share. I have decided that the paranormal follows me, and I am drawn to its energy.

Exhibit Forced To Close Due To Paranormal Activity, Would  You Sit In The Chair?

Exhibit Forced To Close Due To Paranormal Activity, Would You Sit In The Chair?

paranormal activity
Devils Rocking Chair

There are many paranormal exhibits around the world, but none has felt as real as "The Devil's Rocking Chair". The exhibit had to close down unfortunately; this only a month after purchasing the creepy rocking chair. There is no word if the exhibit will ever open again, this was due to the intense paranormal activity that occurred after buying it.

What Paranormal Activity Happened During The Exhibit?

Plenty of paranormal activity went on during the exhibit. A power cord pulling itself out of the wall, a light focussing on the rocking chair, five tour guides crying uncontrollably, a woman in the first group fainting. The chair is also believed to be the focus point of "The Conjuring 3". Needless to say, this is a chair with tons of history and ties to none other than Lorraine Warren, the famous paranormal investigator.

What Is The History Of The Chair?

The Devil's Rocking Chair was recently purchased by Zak Bagans, the man from the paranormal series "Ghost Adventures". The chair was supposed to be the main attraction at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, but the paranormal activity surrounding the chair threw a spanner in the works.

There is a lot of history surrounding this chair, dating back to the 1980s. The case was referred to as "The Devil Made Me Do It", and was investigated by none other than Ed and Lorraine Warren, whose cases have been featured in movies such as "The Conjuring" and "Annabelle". The case involved an 11-year-old boy who was allegedly possessed. Catholic priests attempted to rid the boy from the possession, but during the exorcism, the chair would levitate and start to rock by itself. Ed and Lorraine Warren claimed to have seen the devil sitting inside the chair.

After several days of exorcism, the demon was expelled from the boy. However, it is believed the demon jumped into Arne Cheyenne Johnson, the little boy's sister. Some months later, Arne would kill her landlord during an argument, stating that a demon made her do it. Even though both Ed and Lorraine Warren testified at her trail, the judge convicted her for first degree murder.

A book was also written about the case in 1983, called "The Devil In Connecticut". There is also a movie in the making that will be released in 2020, "The Conjuring 3". It is believed the Devil's Rocking Chair and its history will be the focus of that movie.

As mentioned earlier, the Devil's Rocking Chair was eventually sold for 67,000 dollars. The chair was sold by David's brother Carl Glazel. While the chair remained in their family after the weird events, Carl was set to move and did not want to take the creepy chair with him.

According to Carl, nobody should ever sit in the chair. It is said that people who dare sit in it face some medical problems shortly afterwards. Some who did even required surgery. Interestingly, the chair was only sold a couple of hours before the death of Lorraine Warren, another creepy coincidence that surrounds this chair.

Visit At Your Own Peril

While I certainly understand people's fascination with the paranormal, I would not be visiting the chair myself. If such items are not protected properly, it could certainly lead to problems. Lorraine Warren is no longer here, so one does have to ask why Zac thought it would be a good idea to display this creepy chair without any help from someone who has a bit more experience with this kind of thing. He may be a paranormal investigator, but I doubt he foresaw the trouble this rocking chair would bring to his exhibit.


Paranormal Artist Susan Hiller Dies Aged 78

Paranormal Artist Susan Hiller Dies Aged 78

Susan Hiller After Duchamp, 2016 – 2017, 50 color archival dry prints, 30.5 x 30.5 cm (each), 12 x 12 in (each) After Duchamp: © Susan Hiller; Courtesy Lisson Gallery. Photography Jack Hems.

Renowned paranormal artist Susan Hiller, who based her work on subjects such as alien abductions, near death experiences and fairy rings, has died aged 78 after a brief illness. Matt's Gallery in London confirmed the news and described her as “a unique and idiosyncratic voice, a great artist, writer, thinker and mentor to many”. Let us take a look at Susan's life and celebrate her.

Her Early Life

Susan Hiller was born in 1940 in Tallahassee, Florida. She graduated from the Coral Gables High School in Florida and would obtain her B.A. from Smith College in Northampton in 1961. She would go on to study photography, film, drawing and linguistics in New York shortly before she obtained her post-graduate degree at the Tulane University in New Orleans.

Despite obtaining a degree in anthropology, Hiller would become a critic of academic anthropology. Later, during a slide lecture on African art, she decided she would pursue a career as an artist.

Her Influences

Susan Hiller had several influences playing on her work. Minimalism and conceptual art were some of her earliest influences. She would also state that fluxus, surrealism, and anthropology as major influence on her art.

Susan Hiller – Psi Girls, 1999
Video installation: 5 synchronized programs, 5 projections, color with stereo sound, real-time audio processing, Program duration 20 minutes, Psi Girls: © Susan Hiller; Courtesy Lisson Gallery.

Even though Susan started to practice art in 1970, she would not have her first art exhibition until 1973. She displayed her art as a part of a group show in London's Gallery House. Her exhibition would give her the nickname 'Hace Possible', which stands for 'make it possible' when translated from Spanish.

During her career, Hiller would draw inspiration from the everyday, but also from valued cultural artifacts and paranormal phenomena. From UFO sightings and fairy rings to horror movies and postcards, they all served as inspiration for Susan's inspirational work.

Hiller did not only have a career as an artist, she also found a calling as a lecturer. During her life, she lectured at the Slade School of Fine Art and California State University.

Displayed Work

Much of Susan's work is available for the public to view, although some of her work belongs to the private collection of art collectors. Some of the locations where her work can be viewed include, the Lisson Gallery In London whom we are grateful to receive rights to reproduce her work here, and Centre Pompidou in Paris, The Tate Gallery in London, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Feew artists have had such and impact on the paranormal scene, bringing it into the art and culture era. Her life and works will continue to adorn the walls of collectors and many will continue to question – what is possible. If you are in London and you are a serious researcher and collector, visit the Lisson Gallery to see her works and other wonderful artists.

Image Reference:

© Susan Hiller; Courtesy Lisson Gallery. Photography Jack Hems.

Psi Girls: © Susan Hiller; Courtesy Lisson Gallery.