Spirit Intervention

Spirit Intervention is not something that should be taken lightly. It is not exorcism and it is not delving into communications with demons and ghost hunting or using the latest ghost hunting equipment. 

A Spirit Intervention is divine intervention by the agency of a suitable medium who has understanding, development and discernment in the negative aspects of spirit attachment and obsession or possession. The medium works in conjunction with a Divine team and evidence is forthcoming from the agency of the spirit to ensure efficacy of the work. Evidence is measured by the mediumistic intervention, Information and lasting results.

Not everyone who considers or believes they have a paranormal problem actually has a paranormal problem. Most instances can be explained by scientific or medical means. 


Are you suffering from what you would consider a paranormal event, hearing voices, emotions changing, feel oppressed and fearful. Do you feel you are not in control or do you know someone who is suffering like this? Fill out our request form that will help you identify if you need help.

If the case is serious enough, then yes travel is possible, but most interventions can be done remotely and do not need the agency of a team. However, if the need is great, then it will be arranged.

There are no risks to anyone physically, and to the medium, the risk is negligible because of the development of the medium and the level of spirit power held between both realms.

I choose whom i work with very seriously and those professionals include psychologists, psychiatrists and suitable researchers who are trusted. Most cases do not involve this and should the need arise, I have trusted colleagues I use.

There is no cost for any spirit intervention work. If of course you would like to offer something, then I will ask you to make a donation to our charity organization. If travel becomes necessary we will only charge travel costs. I and my team make no money at all from any spirit intervention, it is a gift from spirit to help those afflicted by paranormal phenomena.