I was born into a mixed family, my  granny – a convert to Catholicism, my mother a devout Catholic, and my Father – protestant and Masonic.

I spent most of my youth visiting and staying at a religious community where my uncle was a monk. My desire to serve God and become a catholic Priest was my main focus in my youth. I was unlike others of my time and studied religions and spirituality from a very young age.  I also had many experiences of a paranormal nature when young, and that line of study was a main drive from youth to adult hood.

From my time spent with members of a religious community to the modern day; I believe I was appointed by spirit for the work that I do now. In my role as a medium, which I do not consider an occult practice that is banned. It is a gift of the Holy Spirit which I use in Service to God and Humanity. I have been guided by a higher power to answer the call to those in need and I do so in the compliance of Divine Law. It is not something I asked for, it is something I was chosen to do and have no idea why?

Many people who study the paranormal from a theoretical position do so out of interest and a yearn for excitement of delving into something unnatural. I have found the calling to be something not desired but needed in order to be of service to those suffering and in need.

spirit intervention