The Demons Of Killer Clown: John Wayne Gacy

The Demons Of Killer Clown: John Wayne Gacy

In our serial killer series this week, we take a look at one of America’s most prolific serial killers in history. It is believed that Gacy murdered a minimum of 33 young men and boys while he was an active serial killer. Now, we attempt to delve into his dark mind from a psychological and spiritual perspective.

john wayne gacy

Childhood Indicators

The larger majority of serial killers experience a bad childhood, and this was most certainly the case for John Wayne Gacy. While he had a good bond with his two sisters and his mother, his relationship with his father was a problematic one.

According to Gacy himself, his father was physically abusive towards his wife and his children. He also claimed that his father was a violent alcoholic. His father would belittle him emotionally as well, calling him dumb and stupid. He would also favor his sisters over him, which undoubtedly had a seriously harmful effect on Gacy’s psyche. Gacy in turn would spend his life trying to obtain his dad’s approval.

Physical Abuse Of John Wayne Gacy

The physical abuse Gacy suffered could have led to changing brain chemistry. During an interview in prison, he would recall how his father hit him with a broomstick and rendered him unconscious. Therefore, it would not be unlikely to assume that Gacy’s brain function changed significantly during childhood.

To support this theory further, Gacy suffered blackout seizures during childhood. He was hospitalized numerous times throughout his childhood for these blackouts and was told to avoid all forms of sport. As a result, Gacy eventually got overweight and this drew the ire of his father further. The exact medical condition Gacy suffered from was never diagnosed.

The childhood stories told by Gacy would also be supported by one of his high school friends. His own sisters would also support the stories told by the convicted serial killer. There is no doubt in my mind that his abusive childhood contributed to the person he became. In fact, it may have desensitized him to physical and emotional abuse.

Repeat Offences

There were some serious red flags surrounding John Wayne Gacy before he became a serial killer. The killer clown did develop an incredibly charismatic personality, which undoubtedly caused him to fly under the radar for as long as he did.

In 1968, Gacy was convicted of sexually assaulting two teenage boys. The seriousness of the offense would lead to a much longer sentence these days, but Gacy only received 10 years. To make matters worse, Gacy was on the streets again only two years later in 1970.

Despite his prison sentence, Gacy’s urges remained. He was arrested again only a year after his release when a teenager accused him of sexual assault. This time, the charges were dropped as the accuser did not turn up in court. In the mid-1970s, two young men would accuse Gacy of rape, which led him to be questioned by the police.

According to Gacy himself, the 1970s were his cruising years, meaning it was the time he committed most of his murders. His release from prison after only two years and the dismissal of the sexual assault is likely to have made Gacy more brazen.


Gacy came under suspicion after the disappearance of Robert Pies in late 1978. Police found out that Gacy had offered him a job just before he disappeared. Once the police started looking at Gacy, they found his previous conviction for sodomy.

Police searched Gacy’s home but found nothing more than some drivers licenses and college rings. Investigators did note upon a strange and unpleasant odor but did not think too much about it. However, Gacy’s luck would not last. One of the rings obtained from the home was linked to another missing boy called John Szyc. The police returned for a more extensive search and discovered 27 dead bodies in the crawl space underneath his house. Robert Piest’s body was eventually found in the Illinois River in April 1979.

Charismatic With A Dark Side

One of the things that stands out most about John Wayne Gacy is his charismatic personality. To most people, he was one of the most upstanding members of the community. He was involved in politics and even performed at children’s birthday parties as a clown.

john wayne gacy
The Orchid Club / CC BY (

Gacy managed to create the perfect disguise as a serial killer. Even though he committed numerous rapes and sexual assaults over the years, most people around him were completely oblivious about his past.

Serial Killer Profile

One could argue that John Wayne Gacy had the typical serial killer profile, but there is more to him than that. A large portion of Gacy’s pathology is undoubtedly the fact that he was gay. Given his relationship with his father, being gay would not have been accepted. He was also desperate for his dad’s approval, causing him to suppress his sexuality. Gacy would end up marrying a woman, but his victim preference certainly points to the fact that he was a gay man. This undoubtedly left him with a lot of anger.

It is likely that Gacy started murdering to avoid being arrested again for sexual assault or rape. There is also a high chance that he murdered in order to keep up appearances to the outside world, hiding the fact he was gay.

The physical and mental abuse John Wayne Gacy suffered, and the fact he was considerably overweight for much of his childhood and suffered bullying as well undoubtedly had a profound effect on how he developed as an adult.

Gacy eventually admitted to his wife that he was bisexual, although it is believed that he was homosexual. He told his wife that they would never have sex again and started taking teenage boys home. His wife also found gay pornography and ID cards inside the home. Carole Gacy would ask her husband for a divorce in 1975. This proves a very important point, as Gacy started killing in 1972. It is likely that Gacy became more brazen between 1972 and 1975, which made it difficult for him to hide the fact he was gay.

Jock’s Malevolence Hypothesis Of John Wayne Gacy

From a paranormal or spirit intervention perspective, I find this unique and fascinating as a case. There are a few potential gateways here and that is reminiscent of the case of Anna Ecklund back in 1928. Her name was actually Emma Schmidt and Anna Ecklund was a pseudonym for her. Now in Anna’s case, it is considered that her aunt was the catalyst for the Demoniacal possession, the reality, of course, is very different. Now as I am not discussing that case, I will refrain from going into that and will ask that you wait as there is a new expose on that case.

Ok, so we can deduce from the case of John Gacy, that he went through a tumultuous childhood and suffered at the hands of his father who abused him so much that he was rendered unconscious at times. Given the fact that his father could have been under the obsessive influence of malevolent intelligence. It would make sense that in the hatred and abuse that actually was levied upon his son, and the act of rendering his son unconscious could have caused the opening of a portal to which the long term obsession could have been affected and begun the pattern of subjugation of Gacy himself.


As my colleague, Sandra pointed out “Gacy suffered blackout seizures during childhood,” which in my opinion can also be a severe sign of spirit intrusion. Now, not all seizures are spirit intrusion, but the evidence and patterns that build and follow from it give support to a pretty good case of potential obsession. Obviously not the type of evidence that would stand up in a court of law. The blackouts and seizures could easily be the affliction imposed by an invading malevolent force. The other interesting issue here is the strange odor, which of course could easily be explained away as rotting bodies, however, strange dead body odors also are a phenomenon of demoniacal possession. We will never really know if this is the case, but one has to consider that odors could have been both and mixed with the reality of the bodies. However, it was also noted the smell that was omitted was not congruent with dead bodies.

The medical professionals who tested Gacy during his trial supported the claim of insanity and noted him to be Schizophrenic, which is also a grey area when it comes to possible spirit intrusion. Consequently, the Jury dismissed this and he was convicted on all 33 counts of murder.

Gacy often went into convulsions and spoke out completely differently. When he gained conscious awareness after the event, he remembered nothing and could not recollect any event. Again this is a good supporting hypothesis of malevolent intrusion.


We will never really know the mind of Gacy, but one has to wonder if, in fact, his heinous evil crimes were a compulsion of evil influences that obsessed him since childhood. This of course is only a hypothesis but it does make one think about the possibilities. Furthermore, it may also make one think about the legal implications of such a hypothesis.

John Wayne Gacy was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994 at 12:58.


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The Five Most Haunted Places In Scotland Have Been Named!

The Five Most Haunted Places In Scotland Have Been Named!

Scotland is known for its famous ghost stories, so there was no shortage in terms of finding haunted places and locations. That being said, some places have more reported paranormal activity and even famous psychics and paranormal investigators would put their reputation on the line, stating these places are indeed haunted. But which are the most haunted places in Scotland. Well, we are about to disclose the five most haunted places with paranormal events in Scotland. Visit them at your own peril!

1. Mary King’s Close

most haunted places in scotland

There is no doubt in our mind that Mary King’s Close is the most haunted place in Scotland, dare we even say the most haunted place in the world. Mary King’s Close is situated in the heart of Edinburgh and often referred to as Scotland’s spookiest street. Turns out, that reputation is well deserved.

Mary King’s Close is one of the many streets that is connected to Edinburgh Castle. It is known that the street was completely bricked up when the plague broke out. So, it is not surprising that this particular street holds many dark secrets.

The street has reported hauntings going all the way back to the 17th century. The street has been visited and investigated by numerous paranormal investigators. Some actual evidence was found to back up the local legends surrounding the hauntings, as research and archaeological findings seem to back up much of the tales going around about the street.

Interestingly, Mary King’s Close has only reopened in 2003; this is the actual street that was bricked up once the plaque broke out in Scotland. Fortunately, you do not have to brave the most haunted street in Scotland alone. Tours go through this haunted location, taking you along the famous Greyfriars cemetery and the location was Burke and Hare dug up corpses and sold them for medical experiments. In short, the stuff of nightmares!

2. Rosslyn Chapel

most haunted places in scotland
Most Haunted Places In Scotland

You may know this location already, as the chapel has been featured in both the novel and the movie The Da Vince Code. The chapel was originally built for the Sinclair family. Local legend states that a ghostly light appears in the chapel whenever a member of the Sinclair family is about to die.

There have also been reports of a ghostly apparition within the chapel grounds, which is believed to be Apprentice Pillar. Legends state that the apprentice was killed by his teacher and that the apprentice is still roaming the grounds.

Considering Rosslyn Chapel is more than five-hundred years old; it is no surprise that there are more reports of hauntings. Many tourists claim to have seen the lady in white, which is roaming the inside of the chapel. There have also been several sightings of a black knight riding on horseback. The latter is believed to be a knight who fought against an English invasion in 1303.

In addition to the many ghostly reports coming from visitors, there are significant rumors that valuable artifacts may still be buried on the chapel grounds. That being said, the actual construction of the chapel is well-documented, so this is a pure local legend at this point.

3. The Niddry Street Vaults

If you are still up for more, then the Niddry Street Vaults should be on your to-do list as well. Much like our previous two suggestions, the Niddry Street Vaults have quite a reputation in Scotland too, as they were featured in British TV Shows such as Most Haunted and Joe Swash Believes in Ghosts.

At the end of the 18th century, Niddry Street was the home of countless merchants and taverns. However, it was not your average commercial shopping street. No, it was a street where anyone who wanted to stay outside the law would go to.

Unfortunately, much of the documentation surrounding the Niddry Street Vaults have been lost over time. At the moment, it is uncertain why or when the street closed down. It remained undiscovered until the 1980s, during which countless artifacts and a genuine historic black market were unearthed.

But this isn’t where the long history of the Niddry Street Vaults ends. After the black market was excavated, a witch coven found a new home in the street. Many believe that the rituals performed by these modern witches has attracted all kinds of paranormal activity.

There are various rooms in the vault who are believed to be extremely haunted, and some of these spirits could cause harm to visitors; at least this is claimed by some people who have visited the location. There have been reports of a shadow man seen in a mirror, but also exploding lightbulbs, a poltergeist attacking visitors in his vault, and more. Interestingly, tours have to be done with torches and lanterns, as no light bulbs stay lit long enough. So, this location is not for the faint of heart.

4. Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Contrary to some of the previous locations, the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is not cashing in on its haunted reputation. In fact, the owners of the hotel have been trying to keep haunting as quiet as possible, at least if some of the guests are to be believed.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel has a long history. As the name suggests, the location was originally the home of an abbey where Roman catholic monks resided. Documents show that it was founded as early as 1150 by the Lord of Lauderdale. Evidently, the original building has now been reduced to ruins, but they are still found on the hotel grounds. The hotel itself was also built on a religious building, which could explain some of the hauntings inside the hotel.

Various visitors and guests of the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel have reported hearing and seeing a female apparition in the hotel and on the grounds. Local has come to call the ghost “The Grey Lady”. Some have reported seeing a group of monks on the grounds, which seem to have been chanting.

Local legend claims that the Grey Lady was a woman who had a love affair with one of the monks who lived on the grounds. It is alleged that the relationship was discovered and that the monk was executed for his betrayal. After this, the Grey Lady threw herself into the River Tweed and drowned. It is believed she still haunts the grounds where her biggest loss to place.

5. Stirling Castle

Our list of most haunted locations in Scotland would not be complete without a genuine Scottish castle. While there were plenty of options to choose from, the most haunted castle in Scotland is undoubtedly Stirling Castle.

There are countless ghosts that are said to be haunting Stirling Castle, but one of the best-known ones is that of the so-called “Highland Ghost”. Visitors claim they confused the Highland Ghost for a tour guide, only for him to disappear right in front of their eyes. It is also claimed that the ghost was caught on camera in 1933.

Another ghost that is said to roam the halls of Stirling Castle is none other than Mary Queen of Scotts. The Green Lady has also been spotted, which is believed to have been one of Mary’s servants who died during a fire. Plenty of interesting tales to go check out if you feel brave enough.

What Sceptics Have Done for Spiritualism and the Paranormal

What Sceptics Have Done for Spiritualism and the Paranormal

Sceptics Have Heightened Interest in the Paranormal Considerably

Astoundingly, over the last 30 years, sceptics have heightened interest in the paranormal considerably, and consequently defeated themselves . Even their own polls show that they do not understand the fundamentals of the subject and their highly publicised goading has brought the subject to millions of people who are investigating the subject and finding real results. A most spectacular own goal in advertising the paranormal.

Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA

In the YouTube video 'Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA' there is a spectacular account of the scientific advancements that have been made. The featured conference on the paranormal, which took place on February 22, 2017, has garnered close to 660,000 views. Google the heading above to watch.

Amazing Facts on Paranormal Subjects Such as Reincarnation

The UVA video goes into detail about some of the amazing facts on all kinds of subjects such as reincarnation and the fantastic details given, primarily by children, on their own past lives with some explicit details. NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) are also covered in this one hour special. Honorary speakers are Jim B Tucker, Bruce Greyson, Edward F Kelly J Kim Penberthy.

Discredited Book "Heaven is For Real"

At the end of the talk there is a short Question & Answer session. One especially for me, concerns the book and film “Heaven is For Real,” about a six-year old boy's NDE. The book has since been discredited because the now grown up boy has disputed his own version of the account in the book, stating that it was influenced by his father, a religious minister.

All Religions are Substantially Man Made

This is delicately handled, categorised as an NDE, but again balanced with what the child has since stated. It seems that whatever religion you are, yours is “the best,” right, and should not be disputed. All religions claim to the correct version, yet all religions are substantially man made, with man made flaws and also supported greatly by the political arena of the time.

No Real Religion Except Spirit

As you will become aware, after a certain level there is no “religion” – only “Spirit”. We come to see the real truth of the state of things when we, ourselves, pass into the world of spirit; a sense of familiarity and certainly a resemblance of earth at that initial level.

Mr Leslie Flint

The Greatest Direct Voice Medium, Mr Leslie Flint

There are some excellent Physical mediums, Mental mediums and Direct voice mediums amongst others. The greatest Direct voice medium that ever lived, Mr Leslie Flint, made over six thousand recordings of those who came to speak at his seances. I would strongly advise to Google him and see the results of his work, as it is astounding to hear the “dead” themselves talk matter-of-factly about their own real experiences of passing, where they found themselves on their re-entry into spirit and the lives they now live there.

There are those who had passed fairly recently (in the last hundred years) and those who passed in the 1600's talking about their lives both on earth and in spirit.

A Few Thousand Sceptics Jumped On the Paranormal Bandwagon

The fact is that perhaps a few thousand sceptics jumped on the bandwagon and were paid handsomely to do so. They committed their lives to trying to convince as many people as possible this is all “hokum” in a very public manner, which has of course jeopardised their reputations, both now and certainly as far as history will recall.

Sceptic's mind set "Cant be, won't be, you're all wrong".

Sceptics Will be Confined to the Rubbish Bin of History

I have publicly stated for many years now that these sceptical 'scientists' will be only remembered, after being consigned to the “rubbish bin of scientific history” for their completely absurd views. There are very many examples of the stupefying absurdities stated by them and others through out history.

Modern-day sceptics will be recalled with as much mockery as the examples given below do now.

One of Two Sceptic Investigators Have Now Changed Sides

One or two of these paranormal investigators, having seen the light, pun intended, have now quite noticeably appeared to have changed sides in an effort to become “experts” on the subject, presumably after many years of investigation. To me at least, it does smack of rats leaving a sinking ship and desperate for some ego boosting recognition on some scientific basis.

I wonder how the modern day sceptics will fare! I often have amusing thoughts about how those like James Randy and Stephen Hawking will get on when confronted about the reality of passing. Stephen William Hawking CH CBE FRS FRSA, passed on the 14th of March, 2018. It will be interesting to see, faced with reality, whether Mr Hawking makes himself known.

A Sceptic Having Had an NDE Said, "It Was Nothingness"

I once had an interesting exchange with a hard-line sceptic who stated after an NDE that: “I have been there. There was nothingness, blackness, there is nothing after death.” I then pointed out to him that he had of course “been aware of nothingness”, strongly implying that if there was complete nothingness, he would not have known at all. Of course there was no reply to that simple statement.

A Strong Fixed Mind is Detrimental to the Afterlife Experience

Those who have strong minds and those who cling onto material things, will have great difficulties when they pass. In fact, as you will see from the video, one of the great things that happen with NDE’s is that people have a complete change of mind. They become more spiritual, with a lack of regard for material things. Those who completely believe there is “nothingness” may find, as I know that gentleman did, that for some time they will be correct.

Of course, many will only recognise them in their present guise of starting to champion the paranormal. They can claim of course that overwhelming “new evidence” has convinced them.

Sceptically Speaking, I Would Venture That This is More About Ego and Financial Recognition

All we have to do is look at their completely unsympathetic grasping and blatant ridiculing of the subject and those involved in it, to clearly see that if a leopard has apparently changed its spots, that there is a reason for it. Sceptically speaking, I would venture that this absolute about-turn is more about ego and financial recognition.

Historically, Closed-minded Sceptics Have Opposed Every Invention and Discovery and Have Made Fools of Themselves

• Sir William Preece, former chief engineer of Britain’s Post Office, will be remembered for making one of the most ‘idiotic’ comments in history about Edison’s inventions. Sir William stated that Edison’s lamp (parallel circuit) was a ‘completely idiotic idea’!

• Professors, including Professor Henry Morton who knew Edison, stated, immediately before Edison demonstrated the electric light globe: ‘On behalf of science … Edison’s experiments are a … fraud upon the public.’

‘Scientifically Impossible For Machines to Fly’

• The Scientific American, The New York Times, The New York Herald, the U.S. Army, academics — including Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Simon Newcomb from John Hopkins University— and many other American scientists, all heaped derision, ridicule and denigration onto the Wright brothers claiming that it was: ‘scientifically impossible for machines to fly’!

• One of the leading scientists from the French Academy of Sciences stated that hypnosis is a fraud and stated after seeing a hypnotised subject with a four inch needle in the top of his arm: ‘This subject has been paid for not showing he’s in pain’.

• Another scientist from the French Academy of Sciences, after listening to a record made by Edison, stated: ‘… clearly that is a case of ventriloquism’!

• John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, was attacked by closed-minded sceptics who stated it was: "Absolute rubbish that television waves could produce a picture"!

Light to all, always,


America's Most Haunted Restaurants

America’s Most Haunted Restaurants

You do not have to head to the nearest castle or Tudor house to go ghost hunting, because there are plenty of haunted restaurants in the United States. One with a more bloody history than the other, let us take a look at the haunted restaurants where you might encounter a ghostly apparition or dine with the local spirits of the times.

haunted restaurants
Americas Most Haunted Restaurants

Muriel's (Louisiana) Is One Of The Most Famous Haunted Restaurants Full Of History

Situated in the cultural epicenter of New Orleans, Muriel's is the restaurant we start our most haunted restaurants' list with. Compared to most restaurants these days, Muriel's has a really long history, as it was originally found in 1718!

Muriel's is believed to be haunted by a previous owner of the restaurant, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan. He even has his own reserved table every night, which is set by the staff with bread, cutlery, and wine. Pierre allegedly died in the restaurant in 1814 after losing a game of poker. Since then, many guests and staff have reported sightings of the former owner.

Haunted Restaurants in History – Scarlett O'Hara's (Florida)

As haunted restaurants go, this restaurant is listed in the National Directory of Haunted Places, you may have guessed that this place has quite a haunted history. Many believe that the place is haunted by the man who built the restaurant, a man called George Colee. If stories are to be believed, the founder of the restaurant died in the bathtub right after his fiancé left with another man. Since then, George's spirit is spotted at the restaurant's "Ghost Bar".

Poogan's Porch (South Carolina)

South Carolina is already known for its frequent paranormal activity, yet it would be easy to miss this haunted restaurant if you did not know where to look! Built as a Victorian home back in 1888, this restaurant also comes with a rather sad story.

According to a local Charleston legend, the owner who commissioned the home in 1888 had a dog called Poogan. However, the owner would leave the loyal canine behind and Poogan would die shortly afterward. Today, it is believed that the ghost of the dog is still haunting the place. In fact, the restaurant was named in his honor.

Unfortunately, the tragic history of Poogan's Porch does not stop with the abandoned canine. The woman who owned the restaurant in the 1900s, Zoe St. Armand, allegedly lost her mind when she lost her sister. Shortly afterward, she died after falling down the stairs within the home. Locals say that Zoe still haunts the house to this day in search of her sister.

White Horse Tavern (Rhode Island)

Most people are already familiar with White Horse Tavern, as it is the oldest tavern in the United States. Evidently, such as long history is also accompanied by plenty of stories, including a rather gruesome story of murder.

All locals of Newport know the story that surrounds the White Horse Tavern. It is said that two men stopped at the White Horse Tavern in search of a room in the 1720s. By the next morning, one of the men was found dead by the fireplace, and the other disappeared. Some who have visited the tavern claim that the ghost of the former visitor is still sitting by the fireplace.

Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn (Missouri)

Some locations have a creepy look naturally, and this certainly applies to Lemp Mansion Restaurant in Missouri. Being an old Victorian mansion that has been prime investigative ground for paranormal investigators in the past, it is no surprise that the mansion made our list.

The current owners of Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn have embraced its paranormal history and currently offer ghost tours. Visitors have reported weird voices and figures, but no explanation has ever been found. And, despite the fact that guests already leave feeling creeped out, Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn is still one of the most popular venues in St. Louis.

Brennan's Restaurant (Louisiana)

Let's head back to Louisiana for another haunted restaurant in New Orleans. This time, we are dealing with some strange ghosts, because their backstories are almost too crazy to be believed.

One of the ghosts that are said to be haunting Brennan's is that of its former Chef Paul Blangé. Upon his death in 1977, he was buried with the restaurant's menu as well as a fork and knife across the chest. His passion for the restaurant is said to be the reason why he still keeps an eye on the kitchen.

Not only the kitchen is haunted at Brennan's though, because the wine cellar is the home of a sommelier called Herman Funk. According to witnesses, he likes to clink bottles for no apparent reason.

Succotash (Missouri)

Traveling back to Missouri, this time to Kansas City, we pay a visit to Succotash. Originally a saloon with the name Dutch Hill Bar and Grill, guests regularly smell cigars when they visit the restaurant. However, there is never a cigar in-sight. It is believed that the smell is left by a man called RAdar, who was known to frequent the old saloon with his favorite cigarillo cigars.

Stone's Public House (Massachusetts)

Another restaurant with a tragic and morbid history is Stone's Public House in Massachusetts. In 1845, the owner of the public house – John Stone – allegedly killed one of the guests and buried him down in the basement. There were allegedly several witnesses to the crime, who are still stuck haunting the place. According to witnesses, they love to make a mess and cause regular mischief.

Beardslee Castle (New York)

We end our overview with arguably one of the better known haunted restaurants. The story of Beardslee Castle even gained commercial known as it was featured in Ghost Hunters. The makers of the show would even claim they managed to spot some spirits.

As is usually the case with most haunted locations, Beardslee Castle has a bloody and sad history. One story states that several Native Americans were killed in the venue in the 1700s. Another story states that a former owner who passed away is still haunting the place.

haunted restaurants
Other Haunted Restaurants

Honorable mentions

It is not difficult to believe that there are lots more haunted restaurants around the United States. In our honorable mentions list, there is the Moon River Brewing Company (Georgia), The Whitney (Michigan), Old Town Pizza (Oregon) and The Twisted Vine (Connecticut). If you should run out of haunted restaurants to visit, be sure to pay a visit to these ones too!

Free Will From The Divine

Free Will From The Divine

free will
Divine Free Will

 We would like to start this off with the definition of free will which is the power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate. The ability to act at one's own discretion.

We use free will every day when we pick out what to wear, eat and drink. Because free will is what we use every day without giving much thought to its true meaning as we use it in the physical sense. But what about using free will spiritually speaking? The Bible talks about free will a total of eighteen times. From Genesis to Revelation, all one has to do is look for them within.

Free Will In The Bible

Here are two examples of this: 1 Corinthians 10:13 verse 13

"No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it."

And example number two: Galatians 5:13 verse 13

"Life by the Spirit,
you, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love."

Now these are two of many you can find by looking them up, God gave all of us free will and there are those out there who use it for good and then there are those who use it for evil, for control, for personal gain as well as power, fame and wealth and, to hurt others. What path we choose will have an everlasting effect on us as spiritual beings and our lives in general.


We were all created in his image, his likeness and when people curse him and push him away not only does it hurt him, it gives the devil an invitation. This is a chance to step in and ensnare us by offering those same things that god was cursed for not giving us, and so we accept them wholeheartedly without bothering to see the consequences further on down the line – until it's too late.

Gifts Galore

The devil will gladly give you anything and everything with the price tag of your soul, and it is now up to you to use your God-given free will to decide which path to take and in some cases most will choose God but in other cases they choose the latter, and by choosing the devil they are forced into a life of torment, oppression and eventually possession with death being the ultimate goal.

A good example of this is when famous people, people of power and influence openly talk about making deals with the devil to get where they are now. This is not a joke as they are openly telling you that they did this. When they speak of being in front of a huge crowd and the music starts and something takes over, it's their attachment they were given after making that deal.


Demon Influence

The devil tempts us every day with the hope of trying to ensnare us to find a way in, to get us away from God, and with that same free will we can choose to embrace God and put on our spiritual armor or again choose the latter. The temptation is everywhere. Another good example of it is Genesis when the serpent comes into the garden to tempt Eve, and tricks her into eating the apple from the tree and the downfall of humanity, because before we were without sin.

I don't know about you all, but I choose God because for me he is the light, the truth, and the way and I wear daily the full armor of God. Here are some prayers concerning this:

Armor Of God Prayer

Ephesians 6:10-18 says,

"Put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything to stand"

“Stand firm then with the Belt of Truth buckled around your waist… (Lord, please give me the understanding of what is true and right in every situation I walk into today.)
“With the Breastplate of Righteousness in place… (Lord, I thank you that I am loved by you and that you have washed my sin away and covered my doubt.)

“And with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the Gospel of Peace….. (Lord, remind me today to be open to what you want me to do; use my hands and feet and show me people you would have me do something for today.)

“In addition to all this the Shield of Faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one….. (Lord, I thank you that by faith in your power I can be protected from temptation and wrong desires today. Guide me and protect me. Keep me from temptation and increase my faith in you.)

“Take up the Helmet of Salvation… (Lord, I celebrate the fact that I am your child!) – “and the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God…. (Lord, give me the desire to read your word. Help me not to just read it but to obey it as well.) – “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests…

(Lord, guide my day problems of the day to you as they arise.) – “With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints….”

Lord, keep me alert and focused on you today for you are my hope! Amen.
God Bless.

Halloween past and present

Halloween past and present

Pumpkin Twins halloween
Photographer: David Menidrey | Source: Unsplash

Halloween or Samhain (pronounced Sow-in or Sow-een) falls on October 31st.  Samhain is one of the eight sabbats in the Wheel of the Year, the Wiccan calendar.  Samhain is possibly the most important festival celebrated by Witches and is also known as the Witches’ New Year.

Samhain marks the end of the harvest and the beginning of Winter or dark half of the year.  It is seen as a time of endings as the trees and land rest paving the way for rebirth and the start of a New Year.  This dark part of the year, seen as a magical time, will inevitably be followed by light.  There is also a belief that during Samhain the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest, making it easier to contact those who have passed to the spirit world.

The history of Samhain

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Around 2000 years ago the ancient Celts believed that spirits returned to earth due to the boundary between the two worlds being dissolved.  They also believed that the presence of the spirits made it possible for the Druids (Celtic priests), to make predictions about the future.  The druids built large bonfires where they made animal sacrifices to the Deities.  They also dressed in animal skins and heads and told each other’s fortunes.  Once the festivities were over the Celts re-lit fires in their hearths from the sacred bonfires, to protect them through the coming months.

The Romans

Two Roman festivals were later combined with the traditional Celtic Samhain.  These were Feralia, a day when the Romans honored their dead and another day when they honored Pomona, Goddess of fruit and trees.  The apple is a symbol of Pomona which could be where the tradition of bobbing apples has originated.

November 1st became known as ‘All Saints Day’, a day which Pope Gregory III decided would be about honoring all Saints.  He combined this with ‘All Martyrs Day’ which was initially established on May 13th, 609AD by Pope Boniface IV.  The night before All Saints Day became known as ‘All Hallows Eve’, later named Halloween.  The reason it was given this name is that All Saints Day was also called ‘All-Hallows’ or ‘All-Hallowmas’.  In 1000AD November 2nd became known as ‘All Souls Day’, dedicated to honoring the dead.  This day was celebrated by the Church with bonfires and people dressing up as angels, devils, and saints.

Trick- or- Treating

The tradition of trick or treating can be traced back to the Christian tradition of souling which took place in England during the Middle Ages.  This practice took place from Halloween through to All Souls Day.  Poor people would go from door to door and were given pastries known as soul cakes, in return they would pray for the souls of the person’s dead relatives.  This tradition, started by the church, was believed to be a replacement for a previous tradition of leaving out food and wine for roaming spirits.  Eventually, children began calling to neighbors’ houses where they would receive food, ale, and money.  This became known as ‘trick- or- treating’ and later became popular in the United States as well as the United Kingdom.  It has since led to the custom of asking neighbors the question Trick-or-Treat?

The idea of dressing up at Halloween came from the Celts and their fear of encountering spirits at Halloween.  They would wear masks when leaving their homes after dark, in the hope that spirits would think they were other spirits.  To please the spirits and prevent them from entering their homes they would leave bowls of food outside for them.


Child holding jack-o-lantern
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There are various legends associated with Jack-O-Lanterns.  They are believed to have originated from the UK.  Carved out turnips or other root vegetables were made into lanterns with scary faces, to ward off evil spirits.  They were often left in windows or doorways to prevent the spirits from entering the home. 

Irish Halloween Legends

One of the more popular legends came from Ireland and revolved around a man known as Stingy Jack.  The story tells how Jack tricked the devil, convincing him to turn into a coin to pay for drinks.  Jack then used a silver cross to prevent the devil from returning to his original form.  When he allowed him to turn back, he made him promise that he would not claim his soul when he died. 

Jack then persuaded the devil to climb a tree and pick some fruit.  He carved the shape of a cross into the tree trunk and the devil was unable to get down.  Once again Jack made him promise not to claim his soul.  When Stingy Jack died, he was not allowed into heaven.  He tried to enter hell, but the devil kept his promise and refused to take his soul.  The devil gave Jack an ember from the fire and sent him away.  Jack placed the ember inside a turnip and used it to light his way.  Stingy Jack is believed to have been wandering the earth ever since.

Irish immigrants brought the Jack-O-Lanterns into the United States.  Pumpkins were plentiful in the US and they soon realized that these would be perfect to carve out and use as Jack-O-Lanterns. Pumpkins were then used instead of turnips and are still used today.

Halloween Traditions and Superstitions

Halloween was a time when the Celts felt closer to deceased relatives.  They would set extra places at the table for relatives that had passed to the spirit world and leave treats on their doorsteps and along the roadside.  They would also light candles to aid their loved ones in finding their way back to the spirit world.  Today people still follow the tradition of setting extra places at the table for loved ones in spirit.

Although not necessarily a Halloween superstition, the belief that a black cat will bring bad luck when crossing a person’s path stems from the middle ages.  People thought that witches turned themselves into black cats to avoid detection.  However, some people believe that if a black cat crosses their path it will bring them good luck.

Bats on Halloween

Bats were not considered to be a good sign on Halloween.  It was believed that if a bat flew into someone’s home then it was haunted.  If a bat flew around the home three times it was believed that someone would die.  There are also superstitions involving spiders.  If a spider is spotted on Halloween it is thought to be a sign of a loved one in spirit watching over the person.  If a spider is seen falling into the flame of a candle lamp, then witches are said to be close by.

Some of the Halloween superstitions, still popular today, involve ways of potentially foretelling the future, relating to marriage and children.  Cutting open an apple and counting the seeds was supposed to tell a person how many children they would have.  If a woman peeled an apple and then tossed the peel over her shoulder it was believed to land in the shape of the initials of her future husband.  In Ireland, during the 18th century, cooks would sometimes place rings in mashed potatoes on Halloween.  This was meant to bring true love to the person who found the ring. 

Throwing nuts into a fireplace was supposed to tell whether a relationship would last. If the nuts exploded or popped, the relationship would not last but if it turned to ash they would marry.  It was believed that if a woman ate walnuts, hazelnuts, and nutmeg before going to bed then she would dream of her future husband.  Another legend tells that if a woman stands in a dark room, looking in a mirror, holding a candle, she will see the face of her future husband over her shoulder.


Witches Of Halloween

Witches will often make a broom, known as a ‘besom’ at Halloween. These are then used to sweep away any old, stagnant or negative energies that no longer serve them.  This is seen as a way of creating space for the new year. 

The act of giving an acorn to someone was apparently a secret sign to tell the person that they were a witch.  Witches often used to keep their identities secret due to widespread persecution of witches.  Acorns were meant to be a symbol of protection, fertility, growth, and friendship.

Halloween and its traditions have become increasingly popular over the years, predominantly in the US and the UK.  There are a variety of celebrations in other countries across the world which are celebrated on October 31stincluding The Day of the Dead, celebrated mainly in Mexico and parts of Latin America, The Day of Dracula in Romania, Kawasaki Halloween Parade in Japan and Pangangaluluwa in The Philippines.  Other countries have similar celebrations to honor the dead at other times of the year.

The Darkness Of The Woods - Haunting Mysteries From Around The World

The Darkness Of The Woods – Haunting Mysteries From Around The World

If you go down to the woods today…..You're in for a big surprise.

Murder, rituals, blood, and tears are still prevalent in today's woodlands.

haunted woods
Photographer: Rythik | Source: Unsplash

Haunted Woods!

How many people whilst having that quiet amble through the woods think about those that walked before, and your own footsteps now treading that same path?

Most of us like to venture out into the woodlands for a walk as a rambler, or simply out with the dog in ancient woodland and newly managed environments. For centuries these woodlands have been shrouded in mystery, and at night most people will stay away from them because of the perceived taboos attached to their secrecy, these are haunted woods.

Evil In The Haunted Woods

Despite being spiritual havens for the soul searchers, darker forces have invaded woodlands throughout the world.

If we look at historical records of the environments surrounding infamous murders, we will often come across woodlands – [Proctor's Ledge] in Salem, Massachusetts being just one example of a woodland that has been laced in the murders of accused witches through the hangings there. Today the woodland is deemed haunted not just by paranormal enthusiasts, but also visitors to the sight.

Haunted Woods

Other lesser-known woodlands from around the world have their own urban legends and regular paranormal activity. For example, the vast woodland and jungle areas of Malaya in Southeast Asia is home to many myths and folklore that include ghosts and mysterious creatures -some good, some bad. One such ghost is known as the ''Hantu Galah,'' a tall, thin ghost, usually female can be seen hiding around bamboo poles – to have her removed, you'd need to break sticks. Nature here is part of everyday life, and it is the diverse and eeriness aura that awakens their souls.

The ''Witches Wood'' at Lydford Gorge in Devon is another example of plentiful activity -the perfect hideaway for a band of outlaws called the ''Gubins'' who settled here in the 17th century. At Whitelady Waterfall a ghostly figure appears then suddenly vanishes from view.

Transylvania's Most Haunted Woods

One of the most intriguing, yet striking, and supposedly haunted woodlands in Europe has to be the ''Hoia Bacui'' in Transylvania – known as the ''Bermuda Triangle'' of Romania. Farmers here swear that its entirety is haunted. As well as the general feeling of being watched by invisible eyes, a story unfolded about a five-year-old girl who once got lost in the woodland only to reappear five years later without any memory.

Another woodland steeped in unexplained mystery must be that of ''Devil's Canyon'' in the mountains of San Bernardino in California. This was founded by the Spaniards many centuries ago, and has been encased with ritual murder; devil worship being a predominant factor. Cryptology has also found its way into its colorful history in the form of ''giant rats'' seen crossing the roads alongside the woodlands. The community believes that all the houses here are possessed by the devil.

The conclusion to this exciting journey makes me realize that all woodlands, large and small take on a different form, particularly during the night. Throughout the centuries residual energies have become entwined around lush – green leaves, and remain amongst the vast canopies, appearing when it suits.

Every woodland tells a story, some proven, others not. Can it be that woodlands, especially our magical and ancient ones play tricks on our wary minds? You decide.

Understanding Demonic Hierarchy; Reaching Out To God & The Fear Factor

Understanding Demonic Hierarchy; Reaching Out To God & The Fear Factor

demonic hierarchy
The Demonic

Over the years we have had people express concerns regarding reaching out to God (higher power) out loud directly after being frightened or attacked by a potential diabolical entity because they are afraid they will suffer another immediate attack or anger the entity further if they do. It's a legitimate question. But once one understands how the demonic hierarchy works, along with understanding the primary goals of the demonic, then that question becomes possible to answer effectively. So here are perspectives concerning this.

Diabolical Goals and The Demonic Hierarchy

Let's start with diabolical goals. There are two primary goals of the demonic regarding humanity. The first goal is to get the targeted individual(s) as far away from God as possible. The second goal is to see the ultimate demise of the said individual(s). In other words, death. Once the first goal is achieved, the second goal becomes much easier to accomplish.

demonic heierarchy

Remember, demons greatly hate humanity (hate being a strong word). So much so that the created presence of mankind (in God's image no less) triggered a war in the heavens. That was because a third of the angels simply didn't want to serve humanity, as they were expected to do once humanity was created. So after they rebelled, they were cast from heaven. Not only that, but there was also promise of eventual and eternal punishment for those angels (now called demons) who rebelled against God and his plan. That's heavy. That's why they hate humanity so. Thus we are blamed for their demise.

Appeasing Demons

Over time humanity has basically found two primary ways to deal with these beings called demons, which although invisible, still affect our lives. The first way is to appease those demons (in other words, try to make them happy or content). The second way is to oppose them (or to say deny them access into your world). Clearly we recommend the latter (apposition).

Here is why. Appeasing demons invites them into your life, either directly, or indirectly. Whereas opposing them demands that they leave you alone and affect you not. Resisting their presence is thus key. And there is one great way to do that. By connecting to one's higher power, or to say, God.


Which brings us back to the initial question. If someone is going through any kind of negative spiritual oppression, at some point they may reach out to God for help, or attempt to do something which can bring them closer to the divine.

But what can happen is that the person will then experience something, such as paranormal activity (perhaps a manifestation or even a physical attack) directly after connecting with their higher power and thus don't want to experience what scared them again. So they refrain from whatever it was that they feel caused the retaliation, which involved a connection with God. Hence that dark entity has now managed to find a way to achieve one of it's two primary goals or missions.

Before we move along, we need to also examine the principle of hierarchy concerning the demonic. This is relevant and important. Understanding this can help put their situation in perspective concerning interaction and success or failure with their attacks against humanity.

Demonic Ranks

Just like in our human military complex, the demonic has a hierarchy they serve or ranks if you will. The exact positions and labels of which aren't necessarily necessary for one to know to understand how orders and objectives work. As long as one understands that there are different levels or ranks of demons who answer and serve other demons of higher ranking, then this premise will certainly make some sense.

Just as there are different ranks within the demonic, there are also different levels of involvement with the demonic in a victim's life. It starts with an invitation (whether advertently or inadvertently), then progresses to home infestation. After that is oppression and obsession, then finally possession, with the ultimate goal being one's death, and as far from God's connection as possible, so one may not found within The Book Of Life (See the book of Revelations).

It tends to start with lower-level demonic entities who will scout and roam, looking for initiative and invitation to get that permission to enter one's life. People can also accidentally move into an environment where the demonic already have established their infestation. Either way, the plan is the same. And their best weapon is fear. If they can use that fear to keep one away from God's presence in one's life, then the demonic know their odds of success are better overall.

But what if they fail? And what happens in their own world if they do?

Consider this. A demon enters one life. At some point the demon's presence becomes apparent. That, in turn, compels the individual to do something out loud and or with action, which in turn brings them closer to God, be it a prayer, reading a holy book, putting a sermon on, or anything of the like.

But then something negative happens, as in retaliation for the apparent gesture to reach out to the divine, such as scaring the individual with a manifestation or poltergeist activity of some type (parlor tricks as one exorcist put it), or perhaps a physical attack such as being scratched or bruised. This, in turn, scares the heck out of the individual, therefore they may choose to refrain from connecting to God again in such away.

But understand this. Refraining from reaching out to God is technically appeasing to a demon (which is appeasing a demon) because now their goal of keeping you away from God is becoming a reality.

Appeasing demons will keep them around.

But what happens when every time a diabolical entity tries to scare an individual, that person turns to God with all their strength and resolve instead of turning away, regardless of a possible retaliation? Well, then that demon is actually failing because no one is doing the exact opposite as intended.

What's more, they have a hierarchy to answer to. Here is a metaphor. If you went to work and accomplished the opposite of what you were supposed to, do you suppose you might get in trouble? Exactly. If every time a demonic entity tries to bring a person away from their higher power, but one only gets closer to that higher power, then that demon is failing big time and thus will gain trouble instead of success. The higher the rank, the more likely the trouble.

This all means that if one repeatedly reaches out to God (especially in a bigger way) instead of being scared every time something happens, either it's in a demon's best interest to eventually move along to someone else at some point before they catch the wrath of their superiors (because they are failing miserably), or they will get pulled away from their "possession project" by the higher ranking demon so they don't catch strife for their superiors in turn.

This is why it is so very important to wear that armor of God, meaning reaching out to God in a strong way (in this case, every single time fear is caused by the nefarious). Otherwise not only will that oppressing demon remain focused on the individual, but it's also noted that demons will then invite their buddies to the party, so to speak. That is the last thing any victim needs.

So whether one using a rosary, reads their good book, or a dozen other things one can do to plug into God and the greater good, that is much better than retaining the fear of something that ultimately has yet to win. That's the other thing to remember. Demons can't just go around killing people at will. If they could, humanity would be dead and gone by now. God created humanity to exist, despite what any demon may want. They have rules they need to follow as well, the physics that the creator put in place.

Those rules of nature and engagement actually keep us safe in that regard. So just know that one is ultimately stronger in our environment than they are, believe it or not. And when one adds God's protection to that equation, there isn't anything that is not possible, including beating a negative force that encroached upon one's world.

So to answer the question of retaliation, it is our belief that one is better off dealing with the parlor tricks and what not to scare and harass one than eventually becoming possessed because the one tool we have against demonic attack (prayer/spirituality) was eliminated early on. With God's help, one has a chance to beat demonic influence and presence. That is undeniable as there have been countless number cases that have been successfully dealt with which have attributed success to divine intervention. Without God, you are on your own. And these demons have been around a lot longer than any one man.


Photographer: Olivia Snow | Source: Unsplash

And although patience pays off, even pious individuals who wear the armor of God have been attacked before (see the book of Job), so no one can guarantee 100 percent safety from dark forces all of the time (every single time) even if they are always refraining from sinning. But wearing that armor of God and practicing his wisdom greatly reduces any trouble and strife one may face from evil forces (see the book of Sirach). Having said that, working on alleviating the fear factor concerning retaliation can be done on one's own or with the right education and help from professionals who deal with these topics.

So don't be afraid to find those who may be able to help deal with fear or PTSD if necessary. There are psychotherapists and psychologists who understand that paranormal and supernatural events can happen and that spirituality is a real and powerful thing.

And remember, most importantly, don't be afraid to pray to your higher power for strength and courage when dealing with the paranormal issues which are causing issue every time they come up. Your odds of successfully prevailing over darkness will greatly increase in the long run. Also, remember that a spiritual and emotional support system helps as well. Those can be one and the same if need be. Peace and blessings. 

Kevin & Jennifer Malek 

The Re-Branding of UFOs

The Re-Branding of UFOs

There is a rather large, behind the scenes PR campaign going on. You may not have noticed it yet, but you are being trained to accept a new name and more importantly a new brand for UFOs. The new name change from Unidentified Flying Objects to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, (UAP), by the U.S. Navy is an interesting addition to the soft disclosure that has been going on for the last several years. Why this new term? Is it all about ownership? Even though we have no idea what these things are flying through our skies at thousands of miles per hour and taunting our most advanced jets, is this the Navy's way of saying, "We got this"?

We know what re-branding is all about: repositioning and changing perceptions and it is no different in this case. Re-branding occurs in business when we want to make a strategic shift in the marketplace. In this case its a strategic shift in the perception of UFOs. When we look at how UFOs have been categorized in the past we see government denial, attacks on the character of witnesses, and societal schooling that maintains whoever sees this stuff is just plain crazy. You must agree with this position or be linked with the loonies who see strange crafts in the sky.

this Cloud UFO over the Mount Fishtail photo was taken during Poonhill trek, Nepal
Photographer: Ambir Tolang | Source: Unsplash

Times have changed. Just about everyone has a cell phone with a camera and now when someone sees something unusual they can photograph it, take a video and send it out over the internet to millions worldwide before any government agency can even think of stopping it. Technology has given power back to the people in the case of UFOs. A retired FBI agent confirmed this for me and said, "They're not even going to try to deny it anymore."

Photographer: Cibi Chakravarthi | Source: Unsplash

Now, the Navy is slowly admitting it. Piece by piece, just a little at a time we are being shown that there are indeed unidentified crafts in our skies. This, of course, is something we in the field of the paranormal have known for many years. It is something new, however, to see Tucker on FOX News interviewing military about this and the military responding in the affirmative.

So where is this re-branding going to take us? An acceptance that we are not alone in the universe? Notice that they have not yet said that they know who or what is piloting these advanced crafts despite reports of alien encounters. Is that next?

From what I've seen, heard and experienced in this field we are dealing with phenomena that goes beyond aliens into the even stranger world of inter-dimensional. So if you think aliens from other planets are concerning just wait until the next piece drops.

Have no fear, however, the Navy will deliver this slowly and get you accustomed to your new neighbors who have been living down the street for years.

Patricia Baker is a paranormal researcher and author who has worked in the field of the supernatural for over 30 years. Her hit radio show, Supernatural Girlz can be heard LIVE every Wednesday night on Blogtalk Radio.