Top Haunted Hotels In Usa

Top Haunted Hotels In Usa

haunted hotels
Haunted Hotels


Haunted Hotels are not just a Hollywood gimmick—many people believe a few real-life properties around the country play host to several very long-term guests. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, there are a lot of places that claim to have unexplained occurrences that can only be attributed to haunting of lost souls. To many, going through such an event or testing one's bravado to the unknown is as exciting as riding a roller coaster or skydiving. If you are that person, then here is a list of haunted hotels in the United States where you can spend the night and try your luck at spotting a ghost. These resorts have a history of murder, suicide, accidental death, former employees and past guests that you may be fortunate enough to meet if you dare.

1) The Stanley Hotel

Generally regarded as one the most "spirited" hotels in America, The Stanley is better known for motivating Stephen King's The Shining after the author stayed one winter night. In 1909, the hotel was initially built to house traveling, bourgeois city-folk and offered cars and servants to all their visitors. Today many of their spirits still remain as modern (and also alive) guests report the sounds of untraceable piano music and maniacal laughs all over the hotel. These incidents are said to be the playful spirits of dead employees and guests.

2) Malaga Inn

The inn remains today as the only boutique inn of its kind and is regarded the most haunted hotel in Alabama. Built in 1862, this ancient property in the deep south continues to be reminiscent of the Civil War era. It has 39 private rooms, Victorian furnishings, and an outdoor courtyard. Initially, the two townhouses were constructed by two brothers-in-law as a wedding gift for the 2 sisters in the family—but that does not mean they ever left… Guests claim to have seen a ghostly lady figure in white, swinging chandeliers, lights that turn on by them and furniture that eerily moves on its own.

3) Omni Mount Washington

Bretton Woods, NHKnock, knock. Who's there? On this resort, perhaps no one…whom you can see, in any case. The resident invisible resident here, Carolyn Stickney ("d." 1939), is known to tap on doors, and once inside your room (either you invite her in or not) she has no qualms regarding borrowing your belongings. However, she is a Victorian lady through and through—all manners—and will return your belongings to precisely where she got them. Tip: Rumor has it that checking into Room 314 nets the best possibility of spotting the Princess, as she is known.

4) Omni Grove Park Inn

Asheville, NCBack in the 1920s, a young woman either jumped or was pushed to her death from her 5th floor room, 545, to be specific. Virtually a century later, employees and guests still report her presence, mostly as a pink mist or as a woman in a flowing pink gown, thus her nickname, the Pink Lady. How do you like these apples? Tip: Allegedly, young children are extremely sensitive to spotting her, so if you really want a glimpse, you know who to let loose on her trail5

5) Otesaga Resort

Cooperstown, NYSizeable resort + over a hundred years of history + no sinister sagas = a perfect breeding ground for a ghost neighborhood, and a friendly ghost community at that. Formerly in its life it was a school for girls in the wintertime, and to this day, the giggling of a gaggle of girls continue to echoes through the 3rd floor hallway, when absolutely no children are checked into the hotel. (Warning: They may be laughing at you, however they are young girls, after all, so do not take it personally.) The adults, nonetheless, do want you to take it personally—people have claimed hearing their name called, absolutely out of nowhere

6) Omni Homestead

Hot Springs, VAIt's an unending story: In the most ancient wing of one of the oldest resorts in the country (built in 1766), a jilted woman commits suicide after her fiancé left on their wedding day and never came back. Since that sad day in the early 1900s she is wandered the 14th floor aimlessly, stopping guests as well as employees to ask for the time, expecting that she'll catch the hour when her groom-to-be was expected to come back to her and that this time he'll be there.

7) La Posada de Santa Fe

Santa Fe, NMThis hotel's spectral highlight, a German known as Julia Staab (pictured, right), feels right at home here—because before it grew to become a resort, it was her residence, built by her merchant husband in 1882. After her 8th child died shortly after delivery, Frau Julia spun into a deep depression, ultimately holing up in her room, never to be seen in the flesh again after 1896. But, in wisps and wafts she is still ever present, most often in Suite 100, her former bedroom.

8) Queen Anne

San Francisco, Cannot all ghosts will leave you cold. Miss Mary Lake, the former headmistress of the school for girls that opened here in 1890, has been known to take care of guests who stay in her former office, Room 410, just as she really did for her pupils several generations ago. Many have revealed that their clothes were unpacked for them while others have woken up at night to find their blankets tucked nicely around them.

9) The Mayflower Hotel

Presidential alert: The inaugural ball custom at the Mayflower began while Calvin Coolidge was in office; however he missed his due to his son's untimely death a fortnight earlier. To make up for the lost occasion, he apparently returns to the site yearly on the anniversary of the ball. But Silent Cal mainly remains just that in his eternal phase—the only hints of his presence are the flickering lights in the Grand Ballroom at 10pm, which would have announced the ball's guests of honor back in 1925, and an elevator that will not budge from the 8th floor (the location of his holding room) until 10:15pm, which is exactly the time that he was planned to make his entrance to the event

10) Esperanza Mansion

Keuka Park, NYIt's unsure whether this one should be chalked up to local folklore, however there are many who believe that there is a phantom lady, decked out in white, wandering the property. Similar to any ghost worth his/her weightlessness, she is also very skilled at keeping us mere mortals in the dark—no one knows actually who she is or where she came from. It is probably better this way. Tip: If you need a vacation from waiting for the lady in white to appear, refocus your paranormal energies on nearby Spook Hill.

11. Hawthorne Hotel Salem, Ma

There has been great controversy over this supposed haunted hotel and questions still exist if this is truly haunted or whom or who is haunting it. Perhaps because of the local history in Salem many people automatically assume. Nevertheless, there is a great history from this hotel and you can certainly feel something. Watch out for a new report on this hotel coming soon from one of our team.

Share Your Haunted Hotel Experience

Have you had an experience of a haunted hotel that you would like to share, then please send it to us and add it to this list. We may even feature your story in Paranormal Daily News.

The Weirdest Facts About Crystal Balls

The Weirdest Facts About Crystal Balls

There are certain objects in the world that have always been associated with the mystical and the crystal ball is one of them. Crossing the barriers of religion and legend, the crystal ball has been a mysterious addition to our world indeed.

It is not strange to believe that there are a lot of weird facts surrounding the crystal ball. If you are curious about such facts, be sure to read our weirdest facts on crystal balls below.

The Crystal Ball Is Related To Scrying

crystal balls
Weird Facts About Crystal Balls

While modern Wiccan techniques see scrying as using a pendant to look for missing objects or people, the root of scrying actually lies with the crystal ball. Those more proficient in Wiccan knowledge already know that scrying actually stems from the crystal ball, where it was believed that starting into it could help one predict the future.

Interestingly enough, the term scrying can be traced to the Ancient Druids, historically known as the Celtics from the Bronze age. They were mainly found in Britain and France, so it is also believed the act of scrying stems from that era.

Some historians believe that the Ancient Druids used the crystal ball to peer in to the future, subsequently accurately predicting it. Of course, this action was quite different than anyone who would do this today, as druids were known to use other reflective surfaces too; this included water.

Practiced Around The World With Crystal Balls

crystal balls

Even though the crystal ball and its alleged ability to predict the future originated from the United Kingdom and France, the crystal ball found its way around the world over time; this once again proves the intrigue of an object such as this.

One of the countries where the crystal ball became a source of fascination was 1888 China. During this time, the yuang-kuang-fuchou – a criminal code – dictated that someone could use the crystal ball to gaze upon the face of a thief. Naturally, this caused some Chinese criminal elements to refrain from robbing those with the ability of foresight.

The crystal ball has also put a mark on Indian history. In fact, in the late 1800s, Khalif Mansur is believed to have used a reflective surface to reveal the nature of the person in front of him. With it, he claimed to know whether they were friend or foe.

Fear Of The Crystal Ball And The Occult

Despite its integration in cultures around the world, the use of a crystal ball or reflective surface for occult purposes was forbidden in many of those cultures. Even religions would frown upon its use, one of the most prominent ones being the old testament, which contained the following.

for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune tellers and to diviners. But as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do this." (Deuteronomy 18:14)

While the practice of scrying was largely forbidden and frowned upon in many cultures and religion, its appeal caused its use to continue. In fact, historians believe that these objects were used to protect against evil during the Middle Ages.

Becoming Famous

Considering the fact that the crystal ball has been around for a long time, it is no surprise that there are some famous crystal balls, which have now found their way to a museum. Below, we have listed some of the best-known crystal balls and their locations.

The largest crystal ball currently known is stored in the famous Smithsonian museum. According to official information, the crystal ball stems from 1800s China and is believed to have been mined in Birma. With measurements of 12.9 inches and a weight of more than 106 pounds, it is the largest crystal ball in existence.

Another famous crystal ball can be found in Dallas and is called the Dallas Globe. The crystal ball is believed to date back to 19th century Japan. The impressive crystal ball measures 11.3 inches and is a close second to the larger crystal ball at the Smithsonian.

Surprisingly enough, the third largest crystal ball in the world also stems from Asia. It is currently housed at the Penn Museum and is believed to have been owned by the Dowager Empress of China. While it only measures 10 inches and weighs 49 pounds, the crystal ball certainly has an interesting history. In fact, the famous crystal ball was stolen in 1988, alongside an ancient Egyptian statue. Fortunately, the ball was recovered in 1991.

Of course, famous crystal balls do not always have to be ancient. In fact, one of the best-known crystal balls comes from the movie "The Wizard Of Oz". The ball was such a desired object, it was sold for a whopping $129,000 during an auction in the early 2000s.

So, there you have it! The crystal ball has travelled through time and is still an object of intrigue till this day. Whether you love the look of one in your home, or you have a more spiritual interest, nobody can deny this mythical object has stood the test of time.


The Importance of Proper Tutoring for Mediumship Development.

The Importance of Proper Tutoring for Mediumship Development.

With the sad decline in the standards of mediumship the most important aspect is how good is a development teacher. This all important aspect cannot be emphasised enough. Not all great mediums make good teachers. Not all good teachers are great mediums. It is not good enough to study aspects of mediumship, throw that together with a few years experience and decide that you are able to teach to a sufficient level. Having knowledge and being able to pass it on are not necessarily the same thing.

Catholic Church Behind The Times Accepts Mediums

Catholic Church Behind The Times Accepts Mediums

Catholic Church and Mediums

In much of the research conducted into mediumship practices and as indicated in my recent book "Deadly Departed." The reality of spiritual gifts within the Catholic Church has been in existence all along. They are just too ignorant to admit it. As a consequence of the Ignorance of real knowledge from the hierarchy to the lower levels of the church, and of its lay ministry; there is a complete disregard of the gifts of the spirit and how they are bestowed, employed and developed within an individual.

Searching the Internet can uncover some clear distinctions and lack of understanding within the church system and its holy orders. Perhaps the worst aspect of its teaching is the complete misunderstanding of the reality of the gifts of the spirit. Compounding matters is the understanding the reality of what the occult is and how it operates.


One of the greatest misconceptions of the catholic church, and most other religions that are based in dogma is the clarity of what the Occult seems to be and how it is labeled. The Occult comes from the Latin 'Occultus,' which means hidden knowledge it is "knowledge of the hidden" or "knowledge of the paranormal". There is of course a stark contrast to spiritual gifts as you will see, and although there are crossed links, you will recognize the almost two faced of the church.

My child, regard not omens, for this leads to idolatry; neither be an enchanter, nor an astrologer, nor a magician, neither wish to see these things, for from them all is idolatry engendered. [Didache]

The reality of the above statement is quite clear, but looking deeper, one can deduct that the practices mentioned above are not those of mediumship. In fact they are quite the opposite. The practices are tantamount to occult practices of which mediumship has no real place. As mentioned before, mediums are using spiritual faculties and not conjuring, using oracles, divination or ritualistic magic such as witchcraft.

Church Teachings

The church teaches that anything that is out of its remit is tantamount to a mortal sin or evil. According to early teachings found in various texts, it was forbidden to seek seers, divine information, visit oracles and so much more. However, this is really from a place of ignorance and control rather than the reality of the dangers of hidden knowledge. Church laws and teachings change over time and one only needs to refer to the "Didache" to get the unabridged meaning of the gifts of spirit and the warnings according to the disciples of Jesus that was before the church. The Didache was the teachings of the apostles, the rules, if you like, of early christianity.

Divination and Conjuring

What is abundantly clear is that divination and conjuring according to the belief's of religious text are considered the opposite to spiritual gifts because of the methodology behind these practices. Perhaps this has some merit and one has to seriously look toward occult practices such as magic to realize there is a clear division between these practices and what the gifts of the spirit are considered to be and how they are employed in spirit communication and discernment.

Practices frowned upon in the search within the afterlife

The gifts of the spirit are basis of all life and as such every man and woman has a facet of these gifts dormant within. However, one may be more imbued within than another and so the gifts are stronger in some individuals.

Practices of afterlife research may be the aspects that a church or dogmatic faith may frown upon and include;

  • ITC
  • EVP

Mediumship Practices Misunderstood – Not Only By The Church.

Anyone who understands the mechanics of mediumship recognizes that no conjuring actually takes place whatsoever. As mediums we do not conjure, we do not call upon spirits and we certainly do not divine spirits. In this respect there is a clear misrepresentation of who and what real mediums are, and how we attune our craft. The reality is there is no pomp and circumstance. One who has developed gifts of the spirit merely uses these spiritual faculties to open up to the real vibratory spiritual nature of those on the other side.

A look into the new testament of the Holy Bible can deduct these spiritual gifts being used in service to humanity throughout its text and of course not restricted to Jesus Christ, but to others in service.


The Holy See, for many years, has condemned mediumship practices. Those who visit mediums and mediums themselves are labeled as being lured by evil nefarious forces. However, there is a bit of conjecture here in that the church, the pope, has actually gone so far as to accept those with spiritual gifts, but only if they are catholics. A bit two faced there I feel! Nevertheless, in the following church document that was released in 2017, and only for Bishops – lay's out the urge for the Catholic leaders to accept those with spiritual gifts who are in service to the church, the people and of course – Catholic.

Vatican News Is Quietly Held

Whilst, the document is very substantial; it does, in certain parts, urge the church leaders to accept those whom have developed these gifts.

Gifts given “for the good of all” and the primacy of charity

5. In 1 Cor 12:7 Paul declares that “To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is givenfor some benefit”. Many translations add “for the benefit of all” because the majority of charisms mentioned by the Apostle, even if not all, are directly for the benefit of all. This orientation toward the edification of all has been well understood, for example, by St. Basil the Great, when he says: “These gifts are received by each one more for others than for themselves […]. In the common life it is necessary that the power of the Holy Spirit, given to one, be transmitted to all. The one who lives for oneself, may have a charism, but it remains useless, hidden away inactive, because it remains buried within the self”.[15] Paul, nevertheless, does not deny that a charism may be useful solely for the person who has received it. Such is the case with speaking in tongues, which, in this respect, is different from the gift of prophecy.[16] The charisms that have a common usefulness, be they charisms of the word (of wisdom, of knowledge, of prophecy, of exhortation) or of action (of powers, of ministry, of governance); they also have a personal usefulness, because their service of the common good favors the growth of charity in those who possess them. Paul observes, regarding this, that, if one lacks charity, even the highest charisms do not help their recipient (cf. 1 Cor 13:1-3). A stern passage from the Gospel of Matthew (Mt 7:22-23) expresses the same reality: the exercise of the more visible charisms (prophecy, exorcisms, miracles) can unfortunately coexist with the absence of an authentic relationship with the Savior. Consequently, Peter as much as Paul insists on the necessity of directing all of the charisms towards charity. Peter offers a general rule: “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace” (1 Pt 4:10). Paul is concerned in particular about the use of the charisms in gatherings of the Christian community and says: “Everything should be done for building up” (1 Cor 14:26).

Vatican Turnaround

We can deduce from the above excerpt that a clear division exists and that division is an accepted facet of those spiritual gifts as bestowed upon all, but perhaps stronger in one than another. No where, does it mention, divination, conjuring or oracles. Looking between the lines, you can clearly discern the reality of mediumship with all its faculties.

Is this a small step forward or do we still stand in a stalemate position according to the church? who knows, however, in my mind, it means that a small glimmer of light is shining somewhere with dogmatic practices and the need for education between spiritual gifts, its mechanics and understanding of spiritual practices is needed more than ever.

Ghost Hunting – Will The Price Of Fame Be Your Soul?

Ghost Hunting – Will The Price Of Fame Be Your Soul?

Ghost Hunting

Let’s face it anything regarding the paranormal or the unexplained is compulsive, which might go a way towards explaining the current Ghost Hunting mania. Trust me, I’m with you on this. Ironically seeking the truth for evidence of continued survival is my raison d'être. Ghost Hunting TV shows and Paranormal YouTube channels are increasing with daily popularity. Investigators all over social media are poking around in the dark with EMF meters and Rem Pods. They can be found in just about every abandoned, derelict building or spooky location around the globe. Many die-hard fans also get the good fortune to join TV presenters on weekend investigations. Judging by the popularity, these regular events must be quite lucrative.

ghost hunting

Exorcists.. Coincidence, cause or effect?

But, have you also noticed, intriguingly, an increase in ‘Celebrity Exorcists’? Some even have their own Twitter accounts! Is this mere coincidence or cause or effect? Has ghos hunting gone mad?

The Paranormal Investigator

Underneath the black baggy T-shirt, baseball cap and arms full of skull tattoos, you will find The Paranormal Investigator.. he’s muscly, rufty-tufty and out there looking for Demons. Hang on a minute…what seriously? Demons?!!!


This has always been a big eyebrow-raiser concerning the whole crazy, ghost-hunting circus. Why are paranormal investigators only seeking danger, evil spirits and demons? Is this just a fear-based adrenaline kick or is there a hungrier, deeper desire for fortune and fame? Perhaps because of the essence of paranormal investigations in a dark, supposedly haunted location or cemetery the paranormal investigators are subconsciously already at that level where the only encounters are sure to be of a malevolent nature?

Edinburgh Vaults

Phantom Finders

Kate from the ‘Phantom Finders’ team recently found unexplained bruising after a night out at The Edinburgh Vaults, home to the resident evil spirit, “Mr Boots”.

“A couple of weeks ago I visited Edinburgh Vaults. I'd never been here before and to be honest I knew very little about it. I knew it was underground so it might be a little bit eerie and that there must be some sort of activity down there. We entered the 'double height room', the guide was stood at one end telling us about the people who would have lived down there and I was right at the back, the room was very dark, lit by candlelight.

I thought someone was behind me so I turned to see who it was as I was going to apologize for standing right in front of them. There was nobody there but it felt like there was, so I took a photo of the corner of the room and on my phone the little circle appeared for facial recognition which I thought was pretty weird… Anyway, fast forward to later on, we're back upstairs, reading the information board in the exhibition room. Apparently, Edinburgh Vaults are one of the most haunted places in all of Britain and there is a man who reportedly stands in the corner of the double height room and points and laughs at people, this man is known as Mr Boots. Creepy! People have been known to leave the vaults with unexplained bruises and scratches.”

What next?

Judging by the growing numbers in these cases, reported A class EVPs, SB7 spirit box communications of growling intent, Ouija board Zozo sessions, cold spots, oppressive atmospheres and being pushed in the dark, let’s assume that you have indeed really found a baddie. What next? Do you really want your life turned upside down by unseen forces?

Rather than brandishing your demonic bruises and scratches as medals of honor all over social media perhaps it’s worth considering if this was a demon communicating with you, what did it actually want?

Apparently by all accounts what Demons want is not the greatest…

They want to incite spiritual warfare, kill, destroy, murder, lie, confuse you, keep you from discovering the truth and will accuse you of things you have not done. They can leave you feeling truly suicidal and destructive. As far as most paranormal teams are concerned this might be a bit of a conversation killer, but isn’t the risk quite a high price to pay for a few YouTube subscribers?

The paranormal frenzy is pretty much focused within the West. People in the East are a lot more generally accepting and respectful of spirituality and the dangers and thus seem quicker to recognize demonic activity. Hindus often credit bad luck or circumstances to evil. In Japanese culture it’s not unusual to light bonfires or lanterns in respect and send the dead back to where they came from. Buddhists will keep a little spirit house and make offerings of food and water, whilst we in the West are divided by looking for rational explanations, scientific or perhaps mental health to attribute, which can make obsession and possession more difficult to recognize.

So if this war is real, would you go out to war un-armed?

The likes of Gary Galka and Bill Chappell should be applauded for their often ground breaking inventions. Gary’s heart-breaking loss of his own, beautiful teenage daughter Mel, led to him to develop communication methods with her, which is truly inspirational and pioneering! However the primary problem in the war against evil may not be what cool gadgets we have within our armory, but what strength of discernment we have within ourselves.


By definition discernment is the ability to judge well – Judgement, enlightenment, sensitivity, subtlety and perceptiveness.

Zak Bagans.

Zak Bagans the lead investigator and presenter from the hit TV series Ghost Adventures, is a prominent example of developing discernment within the current paranormal field. When talking to he admitted to having a much healthier respect than he did when he first started investigating.

Along his journey he feels that he has developed his own ‘sixth sense’ and is now able to feel and channel the emotions from the spirits and their power. Zak likened this to the movie ‘Avatar’ when they connect their tails in to other creatures. He also recognizes that this can be very dangerous which could well indicate that he has truly encountered evil and the consequences of doing so. Recently, despite a four hour, Halloween episode held within Zak’s haunted museum he finally decided not to open the Dybbuk box, reportedly one of the most haunted objects in the world due to concerns for his health. One would hope the hype surrounding this was not merely for show ratings.

The great news is however, if you believe that demons or malevolent forces are out there, you must also be open to the possibility of the polar opposite. Thankfully anything of evil disposition is controlled by God and in his name can be commanded.

Stay safe!

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Is Spiritualism Dying?

Is Spiritualism Dying?

This may seem an odd title when you consider that more people than ever are becoming aware of spirit themselves, are taking more of an interest in developing and generally becoming more discerning. In fact the thirst for it can be seen in the huge success with all kinds of TV series and films and the amount of blogs, YouTube experiences people are sharing.